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  1. Apr 06,  · The Neverending story is by far the best "Fantasy" film ever made and I doubt that it will ever be topped. I saw this movie with my dad one cold autumn afternoon, and my life changed forever that day. This movie taught me that fantastic places and wonderful creatures really do exist. You only have to want them to/10(K).
  2. The Neverending Story is a magical film with an enchanting and imaginative story. The film follows a young boy named Bastian who begins to read a 80%.
  3. The NeverEnding Story: 4 out of The title is a lie. The movie ends after one hour and forty-five minutes. I was glad it was over. You reach a certain age where you realize the song “Rainbow Connection” is about schizophrenia. If you have reached this point in your life, I would avoid The NeverEnding Story/5(K).
  4. Aug 02,  · THE NEVER ENDING STORY centers on young Bastian Bux (Barret Oliver), who escapes his troubled life in a dusty old bookstore. The store owner tells him not to look at the book The NeverEnding Story, but Bastian does anyway.4/5.
  5. Curious, Bastian takes the book, titled 'The Neverending Story', and leaves a note for Coreander, explaining that he will return the book later. Bastian arrives to school late and, when he sees that his class is busy taking a test, he goes up to the school's attic and finds quiet refuge. He settles in and begins to read.
  6. “The NeverEnding Story” is the end theme of the film The Neverending Story. The film is, in turn, an adaptation of the novel Die unendliche Geschichte () by Michael Ende. The song does not.
  7. A withdrawn, bookish boy called Bastian (Noah Hathaway), who fears his bullying schoolmates and an impending test, steals a mysterious book and reads it in the school attic. He is drawn into the fantasy to such an extent that it soon becomes clear he is the hero needed to save 'Fantasia' from destruction/5().
  8. Michael Ende 's novel The Neverending Story spawned three movies. The first film, 's The Neverending Story, was well received—although Ende himself disliked the film to the point where he unsuccessfully sued to have the name changed and had his name taken out of the writing credits.
  9. Is the answer to a neverending story (Aah, aah, aah) Story (Aah, aah, aah) Show no fear. For she may fade away In your hands. The birth of a new day Rhymes that keep their secrets Will unfold behind the clouds And there upon the rainbow Is the answer to a neverending story (Aah, aah, aah) Story (Aah, aah, aah) Neverending story.

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