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  1. Fluctuate definition is - to shift back and forth uncertainly. How to use fluctuate in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of fluctuate.
  2. Fluctuate means to continually change or shift back and forth. The verb is most commonly used in the context of abstract or intangible things that frequently change, such as temperature, the stock .
  3. 1. change, swing, vary, alter, hesitate, alternate, waver, veer, rise and fall, go up and down, ebb and flow, seesaw Body temperatures can fluctuate when you are ill. 2. shift, undulate, oscillate, vacillate the constantly fluctuating price of crude oil.
  4. if prices, levels, or interest rates fluctuate, they go up and down: Inflation has fluctuated in recent months along with oil prices. fluctuate between sth and sth Dividend yields typically fluctuate between 4 per cent and 6 per cent. fluctuate with sth Over the past months, retail prices have fluctuated .
  5. Fluctuate is a verb that describes movement, sometimes irregular, but often rising and falling in a wave-like pattern. The tides fluctuate according to the weather and season, for example. Your emotions fluctuate depending on what happens throughout the day, and so does your weight.
  6. verb To fluctuate is defined as to change in amount or rise and fall. An example of fluctuate is when a temperature goes from hot to cold to hot. YourDictionary definition and usage example.
  7. Some common synonyms of fluctuate are oscillate, sway, swing, undulate, vibrate, and waver. While all these words mean "to move from one direction to its opposite," fluctuate suggests constant irregular changes of level, intensity, or value.
  8. EXAMPLES FROM THE WEB FOR FLUCTUATE The face of the ground seems to fluctuate and toss like billows of the sea. And even if each marries its own kind, the number of children will fluctuate. They are such as are not likely to fluctuate greatly in amount.

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